Finally caught up

I don’t know about anyone else, but i think the time change finally caught up with me today. Sunday i had the determination to prove daylight savings time wrong. An hour less? Challenge accepted. I was very productive in and out of the classroom. All of Sunday i kept preparing myself for Monday. “The kids … More Finally caught up

Foot massage

Tonight was a typical night for us. Dinner and watching a tv show before we wind down for bed and get ready for the week ahead. A few minutes ago i was talking with my boyfriend on what to slice about when i re-situated myself on the couch and threw my legs across his. Without … More Foot massage


Lately a lot of my posts have been related to the issues I’ve been facing with my apartment. So tonight as i sit amongst the chaos contemplating what my slice should be, i am challenging myself not to post about the apartment for the next week! Today i was able to spend some quality time … More Laughter

Helpful people

“I like to help people who want my help.” The exterminator said across the phone line this morning. I have been having some bug problems in my apartment the past few months. I am now finally getting help and i just want the problem to be gone. I spent last night packing and cleaning up … More Helpful people

Cart Corral

My mom is a personnel coordinator at a Jewel Osco a few towns away. Which has had many perks for us as kids. She had her own office so when we were younger and had days off, they would become unofficial “take your son and daughter to work days”. I always loved it! i would … More Cart Corral

Oh, The Irony

So if you read my last post “apartment life” you learned how I’m currently in a love hate relationship with my apartment… well Monday night pushed me more towards the hate side… At 12:30 i was suddenly awoke by the sound of a loud rushing waterfall coming from outside my room. My boyfriend woke at … More Oh, The Irony

Apartment life

I have lived in my apartment just short of a year now. This is officially the first time that i am living on my own. At times i absolutely love it and at others i hate it. I thought by this time i would feel settled…. At ease… Content… but today when i came home … More Apartment life


Today was a very productive day. My day included getting gas, cheering 2 of my nephews on at their wrestling tournament, successfully getting my niece to nap during the tournament (the best cuddles ever), grocery shopping, meal prepping for the week, and now enjoying a home cooked meal. I’m going to end the night with … More Productivity