Have you ever taken a class whether it was in high school, college, or beyond that you knew was going to change your life? When I was a sophomore in high school I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to be in a different gym class. The application process was a tad tedious … More 03.21.2017

Monday Motivation

Just a little reminder for all of us teachers bracing ourselves for the last-week-before-spring-break-chaos that is about to enter the building in less than 30 minutes. A lot of people loathe Mondays. I agree there are just some Mondays that I would much rather be laying under my warm covers than get up and face the … More Monday Motivation

Windows down

I spend a lot of time in my car driving from Point A to Point B. Most days I don’t think twice about driving. Unlock car. Place my purse in the passenger seat. Key in the ignition. Buckle seat belt. Lock doors. Reverse and I’m on my way. Today was different. As I put my … More Windows down

Thanks mom 

My mom has taught me many things over the past 23 years. I am especially grateful for the sewing skills she taught me. Friday morning at work I went into immediate problem solving mode when I was made aware that one of my student’s pants ripped right in the crotch region. He put on a … More Thanks mom 

SPJ #1

My niece is a huge part of my life. She will be turning 1 in just a couple weeks. I’m actually surprised it has taken me 17 days until my first post about her.   I got home late tonight and she was already asleep. A little disappointed, I still crawled into bed with my sister … More SPJ #1

Good news 

Sometimes I feel that I write posts just to post because midnight is approaching and I need to get my blog turned in  (here yet again tonight) Today I’m going to focus on gratitude.  Today I received good news about my future.  I am thankful for the people who rejoiced with me when I shared … More Good news 


The pain The agony Every sound intensified The chatter of colleagues The metallic cling and clang of my keys Everything hurts Every ray of light exacerbated Burning holes into my mind The bright It’s too bright The head splitting pain Is far too much to bear In bed for hours Tossing and turning Hundreds of sheep have been … More Migraines


The thought of what I was going to write about today crossed my mind multiple times. While I was driving. While I was teaching. While I was sitting in the silence of my classroom. While I was driving again. All of these thoughts yet nothing tickled my fancy.  Some days are nothing days. Days where … More Okay. 


I left work today around 7:15PM with my mind made up that dinner was definitely going to be a comfort food meal. My ideal comfort food would be deep dish 4 cheese pizza with garlic, onion, and green pepper from Chicago Dough Company. This meal would also be accompanied by a Blue Hulk, which tastes … More Cravings


I was seventeen when I went through my first real break up. Of course at that time I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this was it, I would never “love” again, I was going to be alone for the rest of my life, I just couldn’t go on. I’m sure you all have been … More Emotions