A few weeks ago i attended a conference on data tracking. At the beginning of her presentation she was talking about how much Work teachers actually do in and out of the classroom. She said a line that stuck with me, “Saturday’s are for lovers.”

The work bag is staying closed today.

6 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. What a sweet slice! Maybe this Friday, the work bag will stay at school, so there’s not a single temptation to open it up! Have thought of that many times, but it has yet to happen. The guilt! Enjoy your Saturday of love!


  2. Love this! Haha, need to have this on a t-shirt! I sometimes have the grandiose plan of doing all of these school-related tasks and planning on Saturday, to have them interrupted by my life – you know, family. I guess that’s what Sunday afternoons are for. 😉


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