The last mozzarella stick

I had intentions of cooking a healthy dinner tonight. Stir fry veggies and chicken. We have been on a kick of meal prepping our lunches, but we tend to struggle when it comes to dinner. I think temptation gets the best of us. Particularly me, pizza is my weakness. But, I digress.

Tonight i came home from work and took some chicken and veggies out of the freezer to thaw out. I filled the sink with warm water and began completing other tasks. A few hours went by (now 9 pm, thanks daylight savings time). I look into the sink to find no water, and 2 half frozen chicken breasts. There was a hole in the bag of veggies and all the water got into the bag. I started to panic about how late it was and how long it would take to finishing thawing and cook dinner.

Ryan instantly suppressed my anxieties. He suggested chips and salsa, but i knew i was too hungry for that. In the back of my mind i remembered i had frozen mozzarella sticks and breadsticks in the freezer. (Yes, i love carbs and cheese) 25 minutes later we were able to sit down with some food. We put everything on one plate and did what we do best, share. Before i knew it, we got down to the last mozzarella stick. Without hesitation i scooted it to his side of the plate.

I’ve finally found someone I’m willing to give the last mozzarella stick to. That’s saying something.


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