Cart Corral

My mom is a personnel coordinator at a Jewel Osco a few towns away. Which has had many perks for us as kids. She had her own office so when we were younger and had days off, they would become unofficial “take your son and daughter to work days”. I always loved it! i would pack my backpack full of coloring books and drawing pages that i never seemed to use because the items in her office were so much better. I tell ya what, mom’s Work paper always made my art work look that much better.

Unfortunately, now that I’m an adult i don’t get to spend my days drawing in her office, but i do get free boxes whenever i need them. I know, exciting stuff! Today i called her and asked her to save some boxes for me, i have some things to pack up in my apartment. She did just that, eleven, in fact.

I stopped by her store long after she was gone to find a shopping cart overflowing with boxes. I wheeled it out of the elevator and through the automatic door, praying that they wouldn’t tumble over. Phew! I made it. Now for the challenge… a downward ramp with bumps… i moved towards the front of the cart and began the trek to the car with one hand pulling the cart and the other trying to hold these boxes. Praying they would not tumble into the parking lot.

After some struggle, i made it to my car with all 11 boxes. I smashed them every which way i could inside my car and squished my doors shut. I turned around to push the cart back to the corral and saw a lady doing exactly the same thing. I thought to myself “i should offer to take her cart” we made eye contact as i quickly approached her. She smiled and said “here, I’ll take that for you” and grabbed my cart. I was shocked. I told her i was gonna offer to take hers and thanked her as i walked back to my car.

This little moment i shared with a complete stranger made my day. I can’t wait to share a little extra kindness with someone tomorrow!


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