Oh, The Irony

So if you read my last post “apartment life” you learned how I’m currently in a love hate relationship with my apartment… well Monday night pushed me more towards the hate side…

At 12:30 i was suddenly awoke by the sound of a loud rushing waterfall coming from outside my room. My boyfriend woke at the same time and uttered the phrase “what the …” we quickly turned on the lights and searched for the noise. I was quickly greeted with multiple streams of water rushing from my bathroom exhaust fan. We instantly went into problem solving mode without saying a word to each other. He grabbed towels and i searched for buckets, knowing damn well that i did not have any here. I grabbed the first Tupperware i could find and met him in the bathroom. We both analyzed the stream of rushing water and the (what I thought was large) Tupperware and laughed. The rest of the night continued like this… constantly searching for anything that would catch the falling water and constantly laughing the whole time. The leak/damage spread across the whole apartment, but was eventually stopped around 2 AM.

Unfortunately, with the chaos that has become my current life I forgot to post last night. So I’ll double post today to make up for it.


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