The Best Kind of Hug

I love hugs.

Side hugs. Awkward car hugs. Pick you up and spin you around hugs. The ones that last longer than you thought you needed hugs. Surprise arms wrapped behind you hugs. All kinds of hugs.

Bottom line, I love hugs.

Today, I experienced a new type of hug, one that has now become my favorite.

This morning I was on a mission to complete my To Do List for Scarlett’s first birthday party in record time. Little did I know that my day was going to take a dramatic turn, but that’s a story for another time.  Before I began chopping, measuring, and combining I set Scarlett up in the family room with an abundance of her favorite toys, and of course her favorite movie, The Jungle Book. All of these things consumed her attention for all of maybe 25 minutes.

I was standing at the island in my kitchen ferociously meal prepping items when I heard one of my favorite sounds in the whole world, her laugh. I glanced to my right and saw my beautiful god daughter wobbling her way towards me with arms wide open. I dropped to my knees and scooped her up. After some time in my arms she wanted to get down and explore the world around her.

As I continued to meal prep, Scarlett continued to make laps around the island and stop behind me when she passed. When she stopped she would wrap her arms around both of my legs, bury her head in the back of my knees, and let out a joyful squeal. This is the best kind of hug that I have ever received. I felt loved and needed.

I would have loved to be super productive today, but I decided to snuggle with the cutest-almost-one-year-old I know. I am so thankful for these moments with her.


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