Thanks mom 

My mom has taught me many things over the past 23 years. I am especially grateful for the sewing skills she taught me.

Friday morning at work I went into immediate problem solving mode when I was made aware that one of my student’s pants ripped right in the crotch region. He put on a spare pair of pants so I could get to work. I dug up a needle and thread and quickly began stitching while teaching my first grade group. This was multitasking at its finest.

As I was recalling the proper way to stitch a rip like this, my mind was flooded with memories.  I could remember all the times I sewed with my mom. From making pajama pants, to pillow cases, to a dress for my high school dance, they all started to come back to me. So many nights were spent alongside my mom measuring, cutting, and stitching some of my favorite things.

I had that hole stitched shut in no time! When I gave my student his newly sewn pants a smile broke across his face. In this moment I felt like a problem solving badass.

Thank you mom for teaching me a valuable lifelong skill.

6 thoughts on “Thanks mom 

  1. I too remember sewing pillow cases and other items with my mother. At school, I once sewed someone’s button on their coat. The joy! I want to go back to sewing. It brought such joy and calm to my mother, that I need to do so for myself. Nice post!!


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