Be Still.

So here I sit in my classroom at 6:54 on a Monday night, listening to the creaks my building makes, and accomplishing many things on my after school To Do list (yes, I had a specific post-work To Do list).

I glanced out the window a while ago to find all my colleagues have packed up for the night. I’m the last one here and I find that sort of freeing. I know that no one is going to come into my classroom to ask me to solve their problems or deal with a behavior. Today was one of those days where no matter where I turned I had to devote myself to something other than what I was trying to do, but not now. Now, I can focus on one thing at a time and do what I need for myself.

The halls are still. The weather outside is still. The whole building is still. The stillness is comforting. I am still.


4 thoughts on “Be Still.

  1. I happened to click on your blog through SOL and realized we titled today’s post the same thing 🙂 I guess all of us teachers are needing a bit of stillness right now!

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  2. I love that feeling you describe so well here. How you’ve made “still” sound so powerful! Those last to leave the building planning sessions were some of my best. Perfect little slice here!


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