From This Moment On- Cue Shania Twain

Today was filled with multiple instances of reflection on how my teaching career has progressed over the past year. I owe today’s reflection to a student teacher in our building. The past 8 weeks she has volunteered her time and effort to go above and beyond to help me out, and I’m not even her cooperating teacher!

I have never been good with goodbyes or things ending, and well, when student teaching was over I was a mess. I had built so many relationships with the students and staff during my time at the placement and my heart was filled with anxiety knowing that I may never see them again.

As my time at this placement dwindled down questions seemed to play on repeat in my head, “Did you do enough?” “Did you make a difference?” Don’t forget about the ever daunting “Will you get a job after graduation?”.

Walking through the doors that morning, I knew that I needed to hold it together until 2:55.

Mission Impossible. 

I made it until my lunch break without any tears. Then I was surprised by all my students who showed up in my classroom to have lunch with me on my last day. They all hugged me and asked me not to leave. Tears instantly flooded down my face and I breathed a sigh of relief. (I saved the ugly crying for after my students were dismissed)

From this moment my questions were answered:

Did you do enough?-Yes.

Did you make a difference?-Yes.

And a few months later, Will you get a job after graduation?-Yes.






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