Hard to love 

In my mind he will always be my best friend, my biggest supporter. The guy with a great sense of humor. The guy who went to all my softball games to cheer me on. The guy who could walk into any room and make friends instantly. And the guy who always protected me from anything … More Hard to love 

10 minutes to post the next blog before time runs out. As my mind is filled with multiple ideas to post, time is running out. Tonight I am grateful for the people who are there for me. The ones who continuously push me to reach my goals. The ones who encourage me to achieve my … More


Living with 2 older brothers there was always a saying growing up that when someone upset you, you gave them a taste of their own medicine. That never seemed to work for me though, I’m not the “get even” type of person.  I’ve always thought to myself its better to give them a taste of … More Medicine


Today was a great day, but words are not coming to me tonight. I’ve been trying to create this post for over half an hour and I’ve erased everything. Backspace and I have become great friends. I need to get better at posting earlier in the day when I’m not so tired. Until tomorrow. 


Life has a way of teaching us lessons in what seem to be the most challenging of ways. If you are asking for patience, you will be challenged by annoyance. If you are asking for forgiveness and compassion, you will be challenged by anger. If you are asking for control, you will be challenged by having to … More Challenges

Not tonight. 

Tonight is not the night.  Tonight is not the night I finally publish that draft I’ve been working on for 25 days.  Tonight is not the night that I push myself out of my comfort zone and try a new writing technique.    Tonight is not the night I reach out to an old friend … More Not tonight. 

Sleepless nights 

It’s nights like these when I look forward to knowing you the most. When I’m laying in bed, chasing sleep, and losing. When I’m tossing and turning completely uncomfortable any way I try. When my hair is falling messily out of my already messy bun. When I have exhausted another Netflix series in record time. … More Sleepless nights 


I’m a very big quote person. I can spend hours upon hours reading through quotes. I find it cathartic when I stumble upon a quote that resonates with what I’m going through in my life at that time. Here is one that really stuck with me today.