Vacation-Day 1

95% of today was spent in the car. I have never been so happy to make it to a destination before. We finally made it to Florida and were able to stop at one of Ryan’s favorite beaches. I am so grateful i got to experience this spot with him. As he stood with waves … More Vacation-Day 1

Safe travels

These next few days my posts might be sporadic. I’m currently on a road trip to Florida and then will be on a cruise without service. There are so many emotions that fill my heart and mind right now. I’m taking a vacation… yes, you heard that right… I’m taking a break. This is new … More Safe travels


I proudly repped mismatched socks today for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day! Spreading awareness is one way i can help more than just the students in my classroom. Feeling this pride I rocked my socks to the doctor and around jewel osco while i waited for my prescription. I had quite some strange looks, but … More WDSAD


You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to move it all. As I was putting my apartment back together this weekend I came to the conclusion that I have so much stuff… So many things that I do not need. When I start to purge I catch myself thinking “but what … More Clutter


A few weeks ago i attended a conference on data tracking. At the beginning of her presentation she was talking about how much Work teachers actually do in and out of the classroom. She said a line that stuck with me, “Saturday’s are for lovers.” The work bag is staying closed today.


getting things done tomorrow has become a new phrase i use too often. Ill send that email, tomorrow. Ill wash those dishes, tomorrow. ill write that report, tomorrow. I create independent work tasks, tomorrow. Ill finish my to do list, tomorrow Ill write a better blog post, tomorrow.  

Long day

Very long day at work.. it seems no one has fully adjusted to Daylight Savings Time yet. My post yesterday explains the students a bit. Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences and i need this time to prepare. Goodnight.