Life has a way of teaching us lessons in what seem to be the most challenging of ways. If you are asking for patience, you will be challenged by annoyance. If you are asking for forgiveness and compassion, you will be challenged by anger. If you are asking for control, you will be challenged by having to … More Challenges

Not tonight. 

Tonight is not the night.  Tonight is not the night I finally publish that draft I’ve been working on for 25 days.  Tonight is not the night that I push myself out of my comfort zone and try a new writing technique.    Tonight is not the night I reach out to an old friend … More Not tonight. 

Sleepless nights 

It’s nights like these when I look forward to knowing you the most. When I’m laying in bed, chasing sleep, and losing. When I’m tossing and turning completely uncomfortable any way I try. When my hair is falling messily out of my already messy bun. When I have exhausted another Netflix series in record time. … More Sleepless nights 


I’m a very big quote person. I can spend hours upon hours reading through quotes. I find it cathartic when I stumble upon a quote that resonates with what I’m going through in my life at that time. Here is one that really stuck with me today. 


Have you ever taken a class whether it was in high school, college, or beyond that you knew was going to change your life? When I was a sophomore in high school I stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to be in a different gym class. The application process was a tad tedious … More 03.21.2017

Monday Motivation

Just a little reminder for all of us teachers bracing ourselves for the last-week-before-spring-break-chaos that is about to enter the building in less than 30 minutes. A lot of people loathe Mondays. I agree there are just some Mondays that I would much rather be laying under my warm covers than get up and face the … More Monday Motivation

Windows down

I spend a lot of time in my car driving from Point A to Point B. Most days I don’t think twice about driving. Unlock car. Place my purse in the passenger seat. Key in the ignition. Buckle seat belt. Lock doors. Reverse and I’m on my way. Today was different. As I put my … More Windows down

Thanks mom 

My mom has taught me many things over the past 23 years. I am especially grateful for the sewing skills she taught me. Friday morning at work I went into immediate problem solving mode when I was made aware that one of my student’s pants ripped right in the crotch region. He put on a … More Thanks mom 

SPJ #1

My niece is a huge part of my life. She will be turning 1 in just a couple weeks. I’m actually surprised it has taken me 17 days until my first post about her.   I got home late tonight and she was already asleep. A little disappointed, I still crawled into bed with my sister … More SPJ #1